A man falls into the Bosphorus on a snowy night. His son, Mete, half-heartedly searches for him in wintered Istanbul. As Mete traces through the undercurrents of his father's life, he takes on the role of the father figure in his family, both by heading his own search to find him and also becoming him through seemingly arbitrary forms of modern communication. Yet all of this transformation seems in vain and the personal and political problems become more visible.

SxSW 2013 Official Selection
!F Istanbul 2013 Official Selection
Having been raised and lived in Istanbul, the city has shaped a considerable amount of my personality and worldview. The city has a feeling of sadness and darkness that resonates, but it does not necessarily pull one down. Instead, the melancholy makes one feel more attached to the city. This feeling perpetuates a sense of common collectivity and camaraderie between those who live or spend considerable time in Istanbul, forming the fabric of a larger community.

I’ve approached Zayiat with the thought of making a film on Istanbul and Turkey in general, using this feeling as a jumping point. Combined with this feeling, I also tried to incorporate my sense of the current political and social situation in Turkey. The country is experiencing a transitional political phase and moving towards conservatism, the likes of which makes Turkey’s future murky and unknown. This feeling of not knowing is heightened by the burden of “now”.

There is almost no meaning in the “now”, and all one can do is flow and move forward through time and space. In creating this narrative piece, I wanted to emulate this feeling of the unknown while making all actions and events somewhat arbitrary. The characters, particularly Mete, move through time and space without a definitive sense of destination. There is a palpable and urgent need to deal with the present. But the inability to discern the cues that would unravel the purpose of a destination generates discomfort and tension